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The success in direct marketing is driven by the 40-40-20 rule:
40% accurate targeting, 40% product relevance, 20% creativity

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About us


- Hit Mail has been founded in 1997 as a full-service Direct Marketing agency

- #1 Direct Marketing Group in Romania: ~25% market share

- Steady growth: 50% per year in 2002-2008

- 8 million Euro turnover in 2008

- 650 employees

- Direct Marketing partner for 8 out of the top 10 int’l advertising agencies in Romania

- A member of FEDMA, a member of ELMA (through its subsidiary Inbox Marketing) and a founder of ARMAD (Romanian Direct Marketing Association)

- In March 2009 Hit Mail becomes Mediapost Hit Mail after the entry in the structure of its shareholders of Mediapost, a company belonging to the Group of the French Post

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