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The success in direct marketing is driven by the 40-40-20 rule:
40% accurate targeting, 40% product relevance, 20% creativity

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Better targeting & segmentation

More Sales by Knowing your target group BETTER

1. Database profiling

Structured info (corporate, financial, marketing, IT etc) regarding a company.

2. Building Databases of Prospects

A specific database of companies is built upon request, based on specific selection criteria and required information (e.g. to build a database containing all the beauty centers in Bucharest and top 10 towns in Romania). Data consolidation: the information from different databases related to the same entity is gathered into a unique record, containing all available information.

3. Tele-research

Research by phone or by email.   
From very fast (1-2 days) short (1-4 questions) research to support tactical decisions, to highly elaborated research with up to 50 or even 100 conditional questions.

4. Study of the catchment area

Our geo-demographical data is put to work on calculating number of PO Boxes in the proximity (geographical distance, distance by car) of a store, together with the profile of the households of the neighborhoods.


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