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The success in direct marketing is driven by the 40-40-20 rule:
40% accurate targeting, 40% product relevance, 20% creativity

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Better cross-selling & up-selling

Cross-selling si up-selling catre clientii existenti

1) Send-and-Win Promotions

- multi-channel promotions using barcodes, coupons, cash register tickets, unique codes on packaging, stickers or other proof of purchase
- featured channels: SMS, Web, PO boxes, Retail boxes, Email, Infoline; we integrate these channels into a single database
- a wide range of mechanics for winning: instant prizes, lucky draw prizes, prizes for first participants

2) Up-selling and cross-selling by phone, email or SMS

We implement up-selling (to superior service) and cross-selling (to other products of the same company/ brand) programs that are based on careful and attentive segmentation and targeting and on channel optimization in order to obtain the desired results.

We use the client’s own database in a concerted way - from our experience the existing database delivers in average 5 times better results than using a third party database.

All these channels are integrated in order to obtain a consolidated pool of hot leads!

3) Profile-based letterbox marketing

Interest groups are segmented using our geo-demographic data, income data and preferences of the individuals. All these valuable information is used for increasing the Return on Investment of door-to-door and hand-to-hand projects.

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